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The Fifth International Econometric Conference of Vietnam - ECONVN2022 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, January 10-12, 2022


 The Fifth International Econometric Conference of Vietnam - ECONVN2022 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, January 10-12, 2022

Main theme: 


The 1st Conference ECONVN2018 focused on the main theme "Econometrics for Financial Applications"; selected papers were published in the Springer Series in Computational Intelligence, # 760, 2018.

The main theme of the 2nd Conference ECONVN2019 was "Beyond Traditional Probabilistic Methods in Economics"; selected papers were published in the Springer Series in Computational Intelligence, # 908, 2019.

The main theme of the 3rd Conference ECONVN2020 was “Data Science for Financial Econometrics"; selected papers were published in the Springer Series in Computational Intelligence, # 898, 2020.

The main theme of the fourth conference ECONVN2021 was "Prediction and Causality in Econometrics and Related Topics"; selected papers will also appear in a volume published by Springer.

The main theme of the fifth conference is "Financial Econometrics: Bayesian Analysis, Quantum Uncertainty, and Related Topics". Selected papers will be published in the Springer Series “Studies in Systems, Decision, and Control” (Scopus, Q3) and will be considered for ISI. This theme is motivated by the need to go beyond traditional frequency-based probabilistic techniques, the need that comes on several levels. On the level of macro-economics, this need comes from the fact that in many practical situations, we do not have enough data to reliably deduce frequencies. So, it is necessary to supplement the data with expert estimates and in the probabilistic framework, this means using Bayesian approach. On the other hand, on the level of micro-economics, where we study individuals that form the economics milieu, behavioral economics has shown that individuals' behavior cannot be accurately described by the traditional probabilistic models, we need to use more general techniques and quantum ideas are an example of such general techniques that have been successfully used to describe this behavior. So, this conference aims at bringing together researchers in financial econometrics for an opportunity to present and discuss theoretical and applied issues related to Bayesian and quantum approaches, as well as to foster research collaboration. While the theme is the focus of the conference, all other research in economics, especially in finance and banking, are welcome.

Venue: Banking University of HCMC (BUH), 36 Ton That Dam Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Conference Date: January 10-12, 2022.

Conference Website:

Point of Contact:
Tel: (84) 28.382.102.38

The Conference welcomes research contributions to all aspects of financial econometrics, with special emphasis on, but not limited to different techniques:

  • Bayesian Analysis;
  • Quantum Uncertainty;
  • Predictive Modeling; Causal Inference;
  • Machine Learning; Intelligent Data Analysis; Big Data Techniques;

 and their applications to:

  • Macroeconomics and international economics;
  • Money market and capital market;
  • Public and corporate finance.


Accepted papers that satisfy Springer criteria for innovativeness (with conference presentation and registration) will be published (few months after the Conference Dates) in the Springer Book Volume, Series:

(Economics, Social and Life Science Classifications)
Indexed by SCOPUS, SCImago (submitted for Web of Science)

Important Dates:    

  • Paper submission deadline: July 31, 2021.
  • Notification of acceptance: October 1, 2021.
  • Camera-Ready Manuscript: October 31, 2021.

Instructions for Submissions:   

  • Get your account on EasyChair (then click on Conferences, on ECONVN2022) and submit your PDF files to EasyChair.


  • Make sure your PDF files have Authors' EMAILS on them for correspondence.

Registration Fee
            1. Presenters

  • Presenter + publication                   USD 200 (non-residents)/VND 6,900,000 (residents)
  • Student + publication                      USD 100 (non-residents)/VND 3,450,000 (residents)

            2. Participants:

  • General                                           USD 100 (non-residents)/VND 2,300,000 (residents)
  • Student                                            USD 30 (non-residents)/VND 1,000,000 (residents)

 *Information is subject to change without notice.

Plenary Invited Speakers (Tentative)

  • Vladik Kreinovich (USA)
  • Hung T. Nguyen (USA & Thailand)
  • Tonghui Wang (USA)
  • John Harding (USA)
  • William Briggs (USA)
  • Mark Schaffer (UK)
  • Polina Khrennikova (UK)
  • Poom Kumam (Thailand)
  • Woraphon Yamaka (Thailand)
  • Rakesh Gupta (Australia)
  • Santi Tasena (Thailand)
  • Vyacheslav Yukalov (Russia)

General Chair
Doan Thanh Ha (Chair)
Bui Huu Toan (Co-chair)
Nguyen Duc Trung

Organizing Committee
Vice-Chair: Ha Van Dung
Secretary: Le Hoang Anh

Scientific Committee
Vladik Kreinovich (USA)
Nguyen Thi Canh (Vietnam)
Nguyen Trong Hoai (Vietnam)
Vuong Duc Hoang Quan (Vietnam)
Tonghui Wang (USA)
William Briggs (USA) 
M.E. Schaffer (UK)
Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland) 
Emmanuel Haven (Canada)
Polina Khrennikova (UK)
Woraphon Yamaka (Thailand)
Nguyen Ngoc Thach (Vietnam)
Duan Jin-Chuan (Singapore)
Poom Kumam (Thailand)
Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier (France)


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